Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The Costs of Preventative Dental Exams

In tough economic times, it is not uncommon to overlook preventative care for your teeth. If they are not hurting, then many people see no reason to visit the dentist. However, preventative dental exams can be both healthy and cost-effective and here’s why

A little now, a lot later

A preventative dental exam is kind of like a tune-up. Dentists make sure everything is in working order and provide you with some fluoride protection before you get back in the eating race. It is also a way to detect minor problems before they turn major. This could alert you to a minor cavity that can be filled at a relatively low cost. But if you avoid preventative exams, that cavity could turn into a root canal, the cost of which is typically ten times greater.

Avoid tooth decay

Plaque naturally builds up on our teeth as a product of our digestive system. It takes as little as 12 hours for that plaque to calcify on our teeth. When that occurs, it turns into a hardened state and can only be completely removed by a professional. Regular dental office visits remove this buildup and help to keep the enamel on your teeth strong.

Fight gum disease

Over the course of time, both tartar and plaque surmount and can be damaging to soft tissue in your mouth. Preventative dental exams will reduce this buildup and lessen your chance of infection. Gum disease has different stages and when it is ignored, it can develop into problems such as tooth decay, bad breath and gum recession.

Discount plans

There are many discount plans that require a yearly fee, but they offer a lot of savings. This is not dental insurance per se, but is still a way of reducing costs. There are dental discount plans that cut costs by more than half. This can also be applied to preventative exams. In many instances, you won’t pay even close to what you might expect. It is a good idea to look into dental discount plans. Ask about Ashley Dental Associates costs and financing today.

A healthier you

Preventative dental exams promote better oral health and that can extend throughout your body. It will decrease your chances of contracting oral cancer. Gum disease has also been linked to other medical issues, such as heart disease and diabetes.

Ashley Dental is ready to contribute to the health of your teeth by providing you with a preventative dental exam in North Charleston, SC and the surrounding communities.