Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Foods that are Beneficial for Your Teeth

There is plenty of information available on foods that are harmful to your teeth. Avoiding sugar is the No.1 priority in the quest for healthy teeth.  There are also some foods that can benefit the health of your teeth. Here is a deeper look at which foods contain all the following essential nutrients and vitamins.


Milk is the top choice for healthier, stronger teeth because it is rich in calcium. Cheese also falls into this category and, like milk, it helps to strengthen the enamel on your teeth. Another function is that these foods thwart the growth of bacteria. Yogurt is also rich in calcium, although it is good to choose carefully when shopping for this item. Some yogurt brands contain a lot of added sugar, which is very harmful to your teeth. Opt for the natural yogurt choices if possible.

Folic Acid

Leafy greens are full of folic acid, which is an excellent source of Vitamin B. The folic acid is a health benefit for your gums. These are also packed with calcium and have that advantage as well. For those who are not too high on eating leafy greens, try blending them up in a smoothie.

High Fiber

Apples are a type of hard fruit that contains a good amount of fiber. They also require a lot of chewing. This is also a benefit because it produces saliva, which is able to wash away plaque from your mouth. Chewing these high-fiber fruits also stimulates gums and helps that area of the mouth as well. So, next time you or your child have a craving for apple, skip the apple sauces and juices for whole or sliced apple. This will also help you to avoid extra sugars normally added to processed apple products, and extra trips to Ashley Dental.

Vitamin A

Foods like carrots and celery are each equipped with plentiful Vitamin A. This is good for both teeth and gums. Celery doubles as a way to remove traces of bacteria. It is essentially nature’s toothbrush as it helps to clean out your teeth while also packing a punch of Vitamin A.


Protein in milk is great for your teeth and almonds are another similar item that is also high in calcium. Almonds typically leave your mouth dry so to be sure you still get the most out of them, complement it with some water and this will also continue to help you avoid drinks high in sugar.

Incorporating all these foods into your diet should be done on a regular basis. And when it is time for your regular checkup or general dentistry in North Charleston, SC, contact the professionals at Ashley Dental.