Monday, April 29, 2019

Should You Replace Your Dentures With Dental Implants?

Some people are faced with the question of whether to replace their dentures with dental implants. While dental implants may cost a little more, a lot of people believe they are well worth the investment. Here is a look at a host of reasons to replace your dentures with dental implants.

No health issues

Dentures that do not fit perfectly can cause a variety of problems. A lack of comfort is just the beginning. An improper fit can also lead to oral health problems. For example, dentures that do not fit can be a source of irritation to the gums. This will also require some kind of adhesive to hold them in place.

More freedom

Dental implants will not place a limit on the types of food you can eat. You can pretty much enjoy anything you want with fewer trips to the dentist Charleston SC. There is no worry of slippage when talking with dental implants. Feel free to converse for hours on end and there will be no stopping to fix your teeth.

No replacement

Dental implants are one and done. They are permanent and something you can enjoy for a lifetime. Dentures always have to be replaced, some sooner than later. Choosing dental implants means you will never have to worry about replacing dentures ever again.

A superior smile

There is not even a close comparison to how much better your smile will look with dental implants as opposed to dentures. The results speak for themselves as people tend to stop and take notice of superior smiles. Dental implants can do just that. 

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A natural feel

Regardless of how well constructed a pair of dentures may be, they are never going to feel like real teeth. Dental implants, on the other hand, will come to feel like your real teeth. There is no substitute for that kind of authenticity.

Protect the jawbone

Dentures are not able to provide any type of protection from the deterioration of the jawbone. However, dental implants are planted into the bone and that allows them to act as a substitute root. The benefit can be that it continually stimulates the jawbone. Consult directly with a dental clinic to learn how crowns and bridges may benefit you.

No impacting other teeth

With a dental implant, you do not need to worry over any negative impacts on the other teeth. The dental implants are attached firmly and will not irritate or otherwise damage any of the surrounding teeth Meanwhile, dentures can cause an array of problems to remaining teeth and especially to the gums.

When you are ready for dental implants in North Charleston, SC, contact Ashley Dental Associates.  We will make your smile shine brighter than ever.